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we like // support // work with // think of // a.o. Ndaku Ya La Vie est Belle (Kinshasa D.R.C) / KINACT (Kinshasa D.R.C.)Sarah Moeremans / Joachim Robbrecht / Eddy Ekete / Rooftoptiger / Bas Kosters / Studio K.O. / Coolhaven / WORM / The M.O.P /…

we read // digest // a.o. Joanna Russ / Victor Pelevin / Boelgakov / Octavia Butler / Daniil Charms / Belcampo / Ursula Le Guin / Bruno Latour / Ahmed Saadawi /…

we want more of // a.o. Vegard Vinge & Ida Muller

we act //


Louis performs De Rattenvanger


herfst & winter // autumn & winter 2019

Louis performs Rijgen

Charlien writes and performs with Coolhaven “De Ondraaglijke Lichtheid van het Onbestaande”

Charlien presents work during the open studio weekend Kunstroute Kralingen Crooswijk

lente & zomer // spring & summer 2019

Louis & Charlien perform in Kinshasa D.R.C. during KINACT festival

Louis presents “The smart phone orchestra” 

Louis performs “Tussen Hond en Wolf” during MOMENT Festival

Louis & Charlien perform “Welcome eternal chaos” during Affenkafig Des Neuhaus at Het Nieuwe Instituut

Louis & Charlien make a sci fi movie “Planet B” with students at SMAK Gent

Louis & Charlien organize DamNedAct

Louis performs Bambi 


Louis & Charlien perform “Papa Wemba!” during Sterven op de Planken at Arenbergschouwburg Antwerpen

Louis & Charlien perform “is dit alles?!” during Baroque is Not Dead at DeStudio Antwerpen

Louis & Charlien perform “the dead of a piano” at WORM Rotterdam

Louis & Charlien write + perform “Tramlijn 2412” at WORM Rotterdam

Charlien presents “De Utopiamachine” during Low Tech Lab Antwerpen

Louis performs Robin Hood

Louis & Charlien perform in Kinshasa in The Democratic Republic of Congo on the KinAct Performance Festival

Louis performs in Turnhout in de Warande with the performance TUSSEN HOND EN WOLF